My cat looks like this when her day has gone perfectly to plan. I also look like this when my day definitely has not. Twisted upside down, eyes askew, not at all on our feet.

My mother used to use the word “discombobulated” when she felt out of sorts — when clarity, order, or the ticking off of “to-do’s” seemed an impossible feat. She would say she felt “discombobulated”.

Others, when they feel similarly, say that they feel “disoriented”. Dizzy. Maybe confused or mentally and emotionally tangled up.

“Disconnected” is another one.

Whatever is going on, it’s a frustrating feeling…

I often get asked, what happens on my Retreats? What do people do?

Well, we do a lot.

But whenever I sit down and map out the kind of experience I want to create for others — I don’t think about what I want them to do.

I think about how I want them to feel.

It starts with trying to understand how they might be feeling right now.

Right now, most of us have some level of pandemic trauma: Burnt out and travel-starved. Emotionally drained and mentally exhausted.

Some of my Retreat-goers seek a break, comfort, or calm from…

I’m writing a book. I’ve been fairly low-key about it, so many of you probably haven’t heard. But some of you are in it.

I like to say I started writing this book almost a year ago when the sludge from the pandemic began to cement its grip around our ankles.

When I needed a break from the mad pivoting I’d done from coaching in Nicaragua to coaching on Zoom. I decided to divert myself from fears and stress and replace them with the pursuit of my passion: Writing.

But the truth is, I began this book close to 10…

Anyone following me or who has read past blogs will recognize my affinity for the full moon and new moon rituals. I treat these celestial time markers as an opportunity to check in with my own personal goals.

Am I doing life right? Are all the moving parts that make up this life being nurtured? Important things -like my health, my family relationships, my business endeavors, and ambitions.

I live on the beach — do I dip my toes in the ocean enough to show my appreciation? Do I try to face my fears? How’s my writing coming along?


Leading up to the day, I knew I’d be drinking whiskey. It’s one of the ways I used to spend time with him if mom had gone to bed early, but the fire pit was still aflame, the whiskey was still flowing, and tales were still being spun.

This year, I thought about honoring his memory with a solo sunset sesh. Sitting on a lonely stretch of beach, quiet cheers in my heart, I could sit with these blue feelings that stir and remember him.

But as the blazing sun arched across the infinite sky, I checked in with myself…

This invitation is for all of you: You adventure-seekers, wanderers, soul journeyers, explorers, and holiday-makers out there. The pandemic left us with an emotional void that we all know travel can fill.

What can travel give us that we now need more than ever?

To feel good.

To feel free.

To feel replenished.

To feel inspired.


To feel the rush of exploring someplace new, much like the thrill and jitters a first date can spark within you.

Or travel to feel the comfort of familiar destinations once again, like sinking into the embrace of a lifetime lover that knows exactly how to hold you.

What do you want to feel…

Twice a month, I meet with a fabulous group of females, mostly based in the Bay area, to check in with ourselves and check in on each other.

Reviewing our recent victories, our current challenges, our hiccups, our wins helps us to recalibrate, soundboard, and set our next intentions.

We do this because we want to be sure we are doing life right.

This past weekend, the question that prevailed was:

How do I set my intentions if I am not sure I know what I need?

Within the conversation that ensued, I suggested adding the word “today” to the…

After an incredible visit to Nicaragua, my mother boarded a plane flying her away from the Emerald Coast and landing back into the Arizona desert.

One might have suspected that spending two weeks under the same roof as my mother would trigger some anxiety; that we would slip into mother-daughter roles laced with irritability or impatience with each other.

There was some of that. At times, my teenage self re-emerged with defiance that barely seemed to have been dormant.

Especially when I was driving. MOM. I DO know how to DRIVE. I see the pig in the road and the…

The river you see above, cutting under the waxing moon, moving towards the fiery horizon, this river does not normally flow this time of year.

In the past 7 years, I’ve walked this beach, I’ve never observed the river’s direction change its flow so sharply in front of the Beach Club, the place where I often snap my sunset shots.

But there it is.

Flowing serenely out of season, its course changed by the wind, the sand, and the wave breaks.

While it has washed completely over some of our favorite picnic spots, local kids now use it for wake-boarding…

The audio on my iPhone has broken, and as a consequence, I have been without my phone all week.

These tech inconveniences so easily thwart plans, and alter our days.

My past weekend was spent setting my intentions for March goals — in health, work, relationships . . . . the wide spectrum of life.


Intentions + actions = manifesting all the things we crave, manifesting all the feels we need.

iPhone-less, nearly every to-do felt crippled in some way, having lost the tools I use to do them.

My morning alarm telling me it’s time to wake up…

Christy Nichols

Educator, business owner, writer, do-gooder (mostly), trouble-maker (sometimes). Personal coaching & leadership retreats hosted through

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