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Would you benefit from a private coaching session with me?

In the read below, I’ll explain how. :)

Quite a number of us, caught in the chaos of this past year, have taken advantage of opportunities to learn something new. Whether it’s a hobby or skill, many have levelled themselves up in some valuable way.

Recently, I decided to level up too.

Way back in 2019, with the coaching industry surging, I sat on the precipice of choosing which aspect of my company I should lean into that would best advance my business.

There are so many coaches now:


Jungle Cat, Concocting plans for indoor life. (Photo Credit: Janko Ferlic, Unsplashed)

There is a particular tiny cat that has, every day, for the last 3 weeks, showed up at my doorstep.

She cries and begs, and attempts to sneak inside (occasionally successful), and finds all sorts of ways to wedge herself into the routine of this household. She has a name, but we’ll call her Tiny Intruder.

Currently, I’m housesitting, which also means I’ve inherited a cat and a dog that I am fond of.

This black and white patchy-patterned kitten is not part of the deal, and she seems to have been abandoned. …

Image from Forrest Moreland on Unsplashed

A life disrupted would be putting it mildly, as far as describing this past month would go. But also, a life gifted.

There were so many birthdays, only half of which I was able to celebrate. However, the birthday weekends that could be, these were celebrated with as big a bang as possible — considering all things 2020.

Sadly, this past month was also pierced with tragic and unexpected losses. Fathers of beloved friends, neighbors who were dear, and furry long-time pets-turned-family we weren’t ready to say goodbye to.

Drop in an unexpected house move, a powerful full moon, Nicaragua’s…

Author’s photo, Concepcion Volcano, taken from Maderas Volcano, in Ometepe, Nicaragua

The essential routine of self-care and its importance has been echoing loudly for weeks. It’s been the topic of masterminds I’ve joined, brought up in conversations with clients and friends, and seems to be the headline of many of my inbox reads.

As a result, self-care has become the theme of my social media this week. And the timing of this buzzword is apt, as I just returned from a week-long solo vacay to do just that: prioritize self-care.

While many of my friends and colleagues in North America are trekking, kayaking, and road-tripping within borders, down here this traveler…

The author doing something good.

It’s good to have something to look forward to.

I had forgotten what that felt like. Having a specific date where you know something good is going to happen to change your scenery.

Even though we are still “in it”, some of us are seeing new paths emerge from the tangled confusion. We notice the shining opportunities rising from damp disappointments.

For those like me, where your business hinges on the safe ability for people to travel, there is a lot of wading and waiting. We can’t make solid plans.

Until recently, I didn’t fully acknowledge how much having a…

Photo Credit: Author’s own

Yesterday, I was coerced into teaching piano lessons to a 3-year-old. It began with an innocent enough beach walk at sunset when the curly-headed toddler began to draw pictures of pianos in the sand with a stick.

Her drawings were terrible.

But we (her mother and I), tried to help her hold her stick with both hands, keeping it straight, and focus on drawing the lines just so until they connected into the likeness of a rectangular instrument.

I attempted to enhance her design by drawing a stick figure sitting atop the sand piano, legs kicking, the smile wide, and…

Photo Credit: Author

I took this photo near the end of an incredibly long, and disappointing day, which, as the popped hood of my truck indicates, only got worse.

The mood was lighter than one might have thought. After retelling our story later, the response was an empathetic “Oh no! That’s terrible!” or some form of verbal pity.

It had been an early start for a hopeful and anxious drive, clashes with powers that be (they won), a discouraging drive back, a broken-down car, a phone that wouldn’t charge, and a mechanic that wasn’t home.

But look closely at this photo. Look at…

I spent this past weekend at a detox Retreat just a few miles up the road from me. Yes, I left one gorgeous beach to spend time at another gorgeous beach, but hey. We all need a change of scenery, even if it’s from one place of beauty to another.

The weekend was perfect, and too short, really, as we only joined mid-day on Saturday and stayed through mid-day on Sunday. But it was just enough time to fit in a yoga class, a surf sesh, 3 gourmet vegan meals, pool time, a couple of massages, and a bottle of…

Beach. Babes. Beer: Choosing This Life

This past weekend was a doozy. Did you feel it?

A New Moon, the Summer Solstice, and a Solar Eclipse packaged tightly into side-by-side days.

If you are one to celebrate Father’s Day (it was Sunday) or International Yoga Day (also Sunday), then you might have been especially busy recognizing and celebrating all of those important things.

At one point this weekend, a friend of mine let it slide that in addition to the above significant dates, Sunday was also “End of the World Day”, according to the Mayan Calendar, as interpreted by counting the dates in the Julian Calendar.

Photo Credit: Annie Spratt (Unsplashed)

I want to share with you something funny that made me laugh out loud. Truly. And then it also made me think. (Kind of a “hahaha — Hey, wait.” moment).

In the last couple of months, I hit pause on my overseas Retreats and pivoted to increase teaching my personal growth programs online.

This pivot expanded to offering my workshops for teenagers now stuck at home and not attending school.

I teach privately but also chose to host some of my own courses through an organization connecting teachers with students online. …

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