A Flight of Crows Chaos

Christy Nichols
5 min readMar 3


Often, writers, myself included tackle topics that will resonate, topics that will trend, topics that will gain applause or shares, or whatever. Topics that align with our own sense of self-branding I guess.

When called to write, but feel a flight of crows chaos in direction or a vacant lot of inspiration, I struggle to synchronize my thoughts with my words and my typing-tapping fingers.

But tonight, the theme I have battled to avoid is the very thing I’m going through, and while I don’t actually want to write about it, I feel to be loyal to my adopted mantra of “write what you’re going through”, I need to.

In fact, it’s not even that I don’t want to write about it.

If I’m honest, it’s that I don’t want to be judged for it.

And I’ve been judged for being it often.

If you haven’t quickly guessed, the thing I’m referring to starts with “E” and ends with “motional”.

This might be the perfect time for some of you to roll your eyes and quit reading.

Just because we don’t acknowledge emotion — our own or others — doesn’t mean emotion is not part of all of us, pulsing through our veins and breathing through our lungs every single human day. The more we refuse to acknowledge this, the more it burns.

Emotion is far beyond feelings of sadness or joy. Emotion colors the whole vibrant rainbow.

Anger, even. I think it’s easy to overstep that one. Being emotional includes being angry, being vocal, or being direct when it comes to things that are important to you.

In that case — I think my collection of friends and acquaintances who are “emotional” just expanded ten-fold if we include those who hold an unwavering passion for a cause, unbreakable love for their children, unquenchable thirst for justice, or undeniable allegiance to a belief. Those fires are lit with the purest of emotions.

But . . . .the struggle with the criticism of being “emotional” is real because feeling everything has always been a strong vibe for me. My entire life.

Christy Nichols

Educator, business owner, writer, do-gooder (mostly), trouble-maker (sometimes). Life Coach, Book Coach, Nicaragua Retreats hosted by www.venture-within.com