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A life disrupted would be putting it mildly, as far as describing this past month would go. But also, a life gifted.

There were so many birthdays, only half of which I was able to celebrate. However, the birthday weekends that could be, these were celebrated with as big a bang as possible — considering all things 2020.

Sadly, this past month was also pierced with tragic and unexpected losses. Fathers of beloved friends, neighbors who were dear, and furry long-time pets-turned-family we weren’t ready to say goodbye to.

Drop in an unexpected house move, a powerful full moon, Nicaragua’s rainy season delivering nature in full force, and a spike in my own career goals, and you have a month-in-the-life that feels . . . scattered.

But not shattered.

Perhaps some of this resonates with you too. We live a life that disassembles and reassembles itself again and again. The trick is to learn to allow the flow.

Desiderata has been taped to my wall or displayed on my desktop since way back in 2001 when I first discovered this piece of prose.

A line that has ever resonated with me is, “Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.”

And isn’t that just the truth? It means . . .Take good care of yourself.

Mind, body, and soul.

Read, nourish, and breathe.

Learn, hydrate, and laugh.

Meditate, move, and love.

Life shifts in pieces.

Sometimes this shift reveals a thing of beauty, and other times this shift utterly disrupts our intended direction.

Learn to allow the flow.

Nurture yourself in all the ways that feel good to you, just a little every day. Your mindset will begin to shift, and you will become stronger in the face of sudden misfortune, or within a life disrupted.

When you do, and again you feel your life coming apart in places you didn’t expect, you will choose to flow.

You will be at peace in your mind, and in your heart, and you will not come apart as you once did.

~ Christy

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