How What I’m Given Fuels What I Give

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Yesterday, my workout partner asked me what I do when I need coaching and a little life-help. Even though I’ve got 20 years as an inspiring educator and business owner in my back pocket, I still need guidance in my own life sometimes.

I still get frustrated, bummed out, fearful & unsure of my footing.

When I feel any of these emotions, I turn to my library of coaching podcasts, such as The Good Life Project, NPR’s How I Built This, & Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations, just to name a few.

I reach for inspiring articles. Google motivational YouTube videos. Journal. Meditate. Walk or yoga.

But do you know what answer I gave her??

I told her: My friends. (Including this lovely lady posing on the rocks with me in the cover photo.)

I’ve surrounded myself with successful, hard-working, & supportive individuals who throw me a life-line when I feel overwhelmed, insecure & need a pep-talk.

Nothing has propelled me farther than my network of incredible people. They see what I’m capable of, and take the time to remind me to see that for myself.

I would not have come this far without them.

We all need these people around us: friends, coaches, mentors, guides, instructors.

I rely on them, & I strive to be this for other people.

  • A reliable friend.
  • An inspiring coach.
  • A motivational mentor.
  • A successful instructor.

I suppose this post is less of a story for you, and more of a reminder that we all need someone to help us out, cheer us on and pull us up from time to time when we are feeling low, including myself. Someone recently told me that even dentists don’t drill their own teeth. Good point.

We seek the support we need, so we can be the support for others.

I’ve got my girl pack on my side… let me know if you need me on yours. :)


Reply below if my 1:1 private coaching and mentoring sessions will serve you, and you are ready. We’ll have a friendly chat. :)

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~ Christy

Educator, business owner, writer, do-gooder (mostly), trouble-maker (sometimes). Personal coaching & leadership retreats hosted through

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