Nervous Heroes, Sunny Flights & Flip-Flops in the Cold

Christy Nichols
5 min readOct 27, 2022

Audio Version:

Sitting on the plane, my face masked for the first time in months, I think about how this is my second trip to the States this year. I’m grateful for a window seat on a sunny day flight.

I used to board a plane every couple of months, zig-zagging continents, changing out currency, and remembering which language to say hello in when I land.

It feels good to be in the air again. While I no longer run a business with insane and frequent global flight paths, traveling is still in my blood.

I’ve missed it these past years, and the freedom and connection travel ignites for me.

This time, I’m flying from my jungly-beachy lifestyle to connect with a pretty awesome crew in Michigan. Since I was two weeks old, I have only returned to my birth state once. That time, it was to speak at this same Hero Round Table I last had the honor of joining way-back-long-time-ago in 2019.

It was chilly then, and I’m expecting the weather to be chilly this time around. Michigan had a sprinkling of snow a few days ago, which might have been fun to frolic in for a few minutes.



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