Proof That AI Sucks at Writing

Christy Nichols
5 min readMar 24, 2023

Audio Version:

This week, I tried several times but failed to catch inspiration by the tail.

Instead, I caught a sore throat, and a potentially scratched eye, and caught news that a root canal is in my near future.

I caught up on sleep by way of much-needed naps. These were the best catches especially as the March weather has mostly been a barely bearable kind of heat that keeps me from thinking with any kind of focus in the afternoons.

As my Thursday came to a close, I drafted disappointing words I could not publish before a treacherous thought crossed my mind: What would Chat AI do?

AI threatens us writers. I refuse to be less than human when I turn to my pages and create (or leak) my stories.

But, as it’s almost dinner time and a friend is coming over soon, I opened up the ol’ AI Chat Box thingy to see what it could do.

I don’t like it. But I want to be its friend. (Especially if/when AI takes over the world, I want them to remember me as “the nice one”.)

Anyway, below is the actual script copied and pasted from when I put my hand up for help from AI to find inspiration for this week’s post.



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