The Dragon Story

Christy Nichols
5 min readMar 22, 2024

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I don’t know my new neighbor well, but he has a small, fluffy grey dog named Lulu. Crossing paths with Roo the other day, he stopped me unexpectedly and asked if I was a writer. He’d read a recent article of mine online and was intrigued.

Although I hadn’t realized we were digitally social friends and neighbors, I stepped forward into the conversation saying, yes, I am a writer. We continued chatting while our pups became frenemies, challenging the leashes, and friskily sniffing their canine hellos.

I have been a writer all my life.

In high school, I entered a writing competition at the American Legion and won first place. While I don’t remember which story I submitted, the trophy impressed me. Small, but surprisingly heavy, a bronze eagle perched on a marbly base, its wings pointed high. Trophies like the kind I’d only seen practiced athletes receive.

There was another story I’d written in high school that, when finishing the read-through, my little sister’s face opened up with tears and she hurriedly left the living room shouting behind her, “Why did you make him die??”

There was no answer I could give her, except that death made the story a good one and my writing helped her feel the…



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