The Sound Journey That Unearthed Diamonds

Christy Nichols
7 min readDec 1, 2023

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Years ago, on a random afternoon in Bali, I found myself traveling by motorbike to the Pyramids of Chi, twin pyramids rising from deep within the heart of the island jungle.

Erected side by side, surrounded by lush palms and dirt roads, and beyond that surrounded by volcanoes and ocean, one pyramid stood tall and gold, the other tall and silver.

While one pyramid hosted chanting and ecstatic dancing, the other was filled with floor pillows and designed to deliver Sound Journeys orchestrated by a dozen or more giant golden gongs statued throughout the interior.These gongs would reverberate between the insides of the pyramid, rising through the triangular walls and up.

The sound would travel through each of us guests, lying on the floor, resting on the pillows, and then ricochete off the pyramid sides, rising, taking us with it.

I remember entering the pyramid offering the gongs and intentionally choosing a pillow space where I could place my head as close as possible to the largest gong. I wanted to feel every sound as intensely from the source as I could.

The Sound Journey I experienced at the Pyramids of Chi in Bali was so incredible, that it paved…



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