Time Isn’t Real

Christy Nichols
4 min readFeb 9, 2024

The sticky aspect is that even though my routines sometimes get left behind, inspiration still pings at will. Ideas and plot lines that unfold into a fabulous story in my head — these could become a moving or hilarious piece of prose if I would just sit down and write.

So often the last few months, one of these light-flashing moments would flicker brightly through the creative side of my brain and I would think, “Now is the time to write. Grab that tiger by the tail and write the story down. Just do it.”

Perhaps this is a feeling you know well. Resistance. These things that hover just about yea high behind our shoulders and stare at the back of us, unimpressed. The words we know we should say, choices we know we should make, the actions we know we should take — but we don’t.

Failing to write weekly has felt like this: avoidance, procrastination, and resistance.

I’ve justified this neglect of writing my stories because my days have been overrun with work, which I’m grateful for. But every stream of inspiration that slips like river water through my fingers dampens me with disappointment and self-reproach.

How can I be a writer if I don’t write?

Alongside the workload, I’ve indulged in other habits that do not lend to creativity.



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