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Would you benefit from a private coaching session with me?

In the read below, I’ll explain how. :)

Quite a number of us, caught in the chaos of this past year, have taken advantage of opportunities to learn something new. Whether it’s a hobby or skill, many have levelled themselves up in some valuable way.

Recently, I decided to level up too.

Way back in 2019, with the coaching industry surging, I sat on the precipice of choosing which aspect of my company I should lean into that would best advance my business.

There are so many coaches now:

Many qualified.

Many accredited.

Many experienced.

Many talented.

Many who are none of any of those things but calling themselves coaches anyway.

After hours of reflecting and due diligence, I decided to leave coaching on the bench, and lean in to the unique niche I had carved for myself over the last 10 years: creating transformational experiences through overseas Retreats.

I chose to pursue that as my career blueprint for 2020, and focused on building relationships with other educators whose expertise complemented my own.

By December of last year, I had signed contracts with 3 different co-hosts and had 6 full Retreats in the works for Nicaragua and Bali.

Well. We all know how travel in 2020 turned out. It rhymes with pandemic.

This year, returning to my other passion as an educator and personal growth facilitator has proved to be incredible! I love so much the 1:1 work I’ve been able to do with inspiring, hard-working, life-pivoting individuals.

These clients (who always eventually become friends) have helped me realize that Professional Coaching is a way to up my game. It’s another approach to how I can support people, especially this year, when so much support is needed all around.

For me, if I decide to go for something, the trend is to go big.

→ Don’t just become a teacher: became a personal growth and leadership educator and create experiences. Do it overseas.

→ Don’t just travel overseas, travel to developing countries and host culturally immersive Retreats. Volunteer with locals.

→ Don’t just become an expat. Become an expat in 3 different continents and intregrate fully. (So far).

This fall, I enrolled in the ICF accredited ACC Coaching Credentialing Program. I chose a 4 day, 10 hour Weekend Intensive, live, online, via zoom, equipped with the thickest training manual I’ve opened since grad school.

Why did I pursue this?

Because I knew I could. And I wanted to improve my skills as a professional coach. Even if I was exhausted at the end of the program.

And it was well worth it.

I’m now a polished, certified Executive Leadership & Life Coach. (Yep, I popped the champagne!).

Until planes are regularly flying into the developing countries I love so much, helping others in this way is what I will continue to do.

Pandemic or no pandemic. We all need help sometimes.

This part is for you, my readers:

The final piece to earning my internationally accredited ACC Credential is accruing 100 coaching hours, 30 unpaid, 70 paid. If you would like a coaching session with me, now is the time. Simply reply to this email.

If you are going through a transition, but are stuck in a rut, I can help.

You can choose unpaid, or paid. For these first 100 hours, I’m dropping my paid rates to $50 per hour. You can choose. Free (while they last) or $50 (while they last).

Take advantage! You can have as many sessions as you feel would benefit you.

Reach out if you want to book a session, or feel free to extend this offer to someone you know who could use supportive coaching to help them over their personal hurdles.

We all have self-improvements to tend to, and there will always be more for us to learn.

But one thing I realized from my crazy Weekend Intensive for professional coaching — I’m good at this job, and I truly love it.

Take advantage. :)

And have a lovely day!

~ Christy

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Christy Nichols, Executive Leadership & Life Coach| Purposeful Travel Advocate | CEO at Venture Within

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Educator, business owner, writer, do-gooder (mostly), trouble-maker (sometimes). Personal coaching & leadership retreats hosted through

Educator, business owner, writer, do-gooder (mostly), trouble-maker (sometimes). Personal coaching & leadership retreats hosted through

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