When Inspiration Strikes

Christy Nichols
3 min readFeb 17

This week I have been struck by inspiration. Not mid-yoga pose, nor ambling down a sunset beach. But somewhere 36,000 or so miles above the ground, seated tightly in the middle seat of coach, soaring towards Los Angeles. Inspiration struck then.

And it struck me in a way that might interest a few of you.

This year, keeping in line with my desire to always create travel experiences with purpose, I am excited to host a Writing Retreat in the gorgeous, jungle beaches in Nicaragua.

I say “writing” and not “writer”, because though most of us write in some form, we may not yet call ourselves writers.

Those of us who have even published a book may still struggle to self-identify as a writer.

The imposter syndrome hangs on tight sometimes.

Writing is more than an act of creating. It is more than scrawling words on paper or typing stories into life.

Writing opens your truths and delves into your insights, curiosity, and cleverness and then reaches up for daylight. Our writing stays tucked away, quiet and patient, until enough space has been carved away to nurture our creativity and we begin to write.

We write our stories.

Write our poems.

Write our songs.

Create our characters.

We learn and hone our skills.

We get started.

We keep going.

We finish.

We start again.

This is what the “Writing Retreat” will do for you. It will inspire you with space and time to delve into yourself and draw up the words that long to be set free in stories, memoirs, novels, poetry, or weekly blogs and journals.

This Writing Retreat is designed for those who write at any level.

Maybe you are a seasoned blog writer yearning to write your first book and seek guidance, or someone who has dabbled in journaling but struggles to write consistently and seeks inspiration.

Perhaps you are well on your way to finishing your book, but feel stuck and could use a change in scenery to carry you over the finish line.

Christy Nichols

Educator, business owner, writer, do-gooder (mostly), trouble-maker (sometimes). Life Coach, Book Coach, Nicaragua Retreats hosted by www.venture-within.com